“Arcane” provides more lore details about “League of Legends”

Riot Games, the developer of “League of Legends”, has unveiled a new series called “Arcane”. It is an animated show which provides fans with more information regarding the lore of the MOBA game.

The first season of “Arcane” consists of 9 episodes of 35 minutes. Furthermore, it features some of the most popular champions of “League of Legends” like Vi, Jinx and Jayce.

Alongside the show, Riot Games has launched a special event in “League of Legends”. Furthermore, there is a special partnership with “Fortnite” where players will be able to access a skin based on Jinx.

All of these new projects is a great way for Riot Games to renew its player base and to show that “League of Legends” is more than a simple MOBA title.

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