“League of Legends” has been viewed for over 53.4 million hours on Twitch

What are the most popular video games on Twitch this week? To find out more, check out the latest statistics.

The most viewed video game of the past seven days is “League of Legends”. The eSports project has been streamed more than 53.4 million hours. It is followed by the “Just Chatting” category. In third place, we have “Grand Theft Auto V”. The video game has experienced a growth of 3% this week.

In regards to “Dota 2”, it has fallen by 31.1% in the last seven days, probably due to the fact that “The International” championship is now over. 

Finally, “Valorant” is making its return to the charts with 15.8 million hours of streamed content.

The most played games