Volkswagen will soon add AR to its electric cars’ head-up displays

Futuristic cars will soon be the norm. Soon, head-up displays designed with augmented reality will be integrated in most of Volkswagen’s range of electric cars for a technologically upgraded driving experience.

This will not be the first time that AR will be used in cars. Premium vehicles already come with this technology but it will soon become mainstream with the latest announcement by Volkswagen. The German automaker will shortly introduce augmented reality in the head-up displays of its compact and SUV ranges, more precisely its ID.3 and ID.4 electric models. The company plans to follow up the initial launch of the system for more vehicle lines soon after.

This new feature will display safety and practical information in front of the driver by projecting it on the windscreen. It somehow imitates technology that is often seen in and associated with video games. Instead of just being an aesthetic or fun system, this dynamic display will significantly assist the driver to increase safety while driving.

The first automaker to launch this augmented reality head-up display in its cars, Volkswagen is about to make history. It is expected to be shortly followed by other vehicle companies due to the safety advantages that the AR feature presents.

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