“Rust” is trending on Twitch

Which video games are trending on Twitch this week? Below are the latest figures of the streaming platform.

Despite a fall in views, “Just Chatting” keeps the first place on Twitch this week. The category has experienced a small drop of 6.3% but it retains 53,239 million hours of views over the last seven days.

In second place, we find “Rust”. The multiplayer survival video game has got over 48,908 million hours of views on Twitch. Many players have praised the title for its PvP combat and survival aspects.

“League of Legends” maintains its third position this week with 42,592 million hours of views. The battle arena has shown a nice increase of almost 20% compared to last week. In fourth place, we have “Fortnite”. The battle royale game has had a small increase of 6.5%.

Finally, “Call of Duty: Warzone” rounds out fifth place with nearly 20 million hours of views. That is a nice increase of 11.7%.

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