“Lost Ark” was streamed for more than 30 million hours on Twitch

Here are some of the latest statistics regarding the best video games on Twitch this week. The top 5 list includes several newcomers.

Currently, the number one title on the streaming platform is “Lost Ark”. The MMO video game has finally made its way to Europe and North America. It has been streamed for over 31.2 million hours. It is followed by “Dying Light 2 Stay Human”. The survival horror game grew in popularity by 257.6%.

In third place, we have “Rust”. The survival project has experienced a 193.3% increase in viewership. Next is “Sifu” with 5.9 million hours of streamed content. Finally, we have “Path of Exile”. Even if the title lost one spot this week, it was played for over 5.5 million hours on Twitch.

The most played games