The KFConsole for gaming and chicken fans

Anybody who said that a fried-chicken restaurant chain could not release a gaming console will soon be proved wrong. Popular American fast-food company KFC is about to make history with its all-new concept: the KFConsole.

A machine that is both a gaming console and a fried-chicken warmer, what else do gamers need? Kentucky Fried Chicken has collaborated with Cooler Master, a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer, to conceive this seemingly futuristic game station. The KFConsole has been designed with a special compartment that will maintain the warmth of crispy fried chicken pieces that are a signature of the fast-food brand.

This feature has been made possible due to the unique cooling system developed by the companies. It allows the machine to redirect the heat produced during gameplay to the special chicken compartment to produce the warming effect. The console itself comes in a shape that is very reminiscent of the KFC bucket.

While the chicken-heating feature is an interesting innovation, the machine remains a high-grade gaming console with an Asus graphics card, an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element kit and two 1TB BarraCuda SSDs from Seagate. It is compatible with 4K games with a capacity of 240 frames per second. No release date has been announced yet for the KFConsole.

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