“Fortnite” was streamed for over 6 million hours on Twitch

Twitch has become the place to learn about the trendiest video games right now. The top 5 list of this week features several new arrivals and long-time fan-favourite franchises.

Following the release of its Chapter 3 Season 2, “Fortnite” has recorded an impressive 6.7 million hours of streamed content on Twitch, thus becoming the number one game of this week. It is followed by a new IP called “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands”. The RPG game was streamed for 3.7 million hours over the last seven years.

In third place, there is “Kirby and the Forgotten Land”. Then, there is “Rocket League” whose viewership increased by 102.7%. Finally, the list ends with “Valorant”. The FPS video game was streamed for 2 million hours by content creators.

The most played games