Coaching esport teams have become more sophisticated nowadays

Not so long ago, coaches in the field of esports were unheard of. However, the fast-changing and highly competitive environment of tournaments have prompted more teams to reconsider the role of coaches.

Professional gaming is still a new sporting field but it is growing rapidly. At its pinnacle, teams can compete for prize pools of $35 million.

Josh (Jatt) Leesman is head coach of Team Liquid’s “League of Legends” roster and oversees a coaching staff of six that includes an analyst and strategy expert. According to him, the coaching side of esports has become more sophisticated within a short time span.

As the field is evolving, there are more ex-players who have amassed experience and expertise to lead burgeoning pro-gamers.  

For Arnold Hur, the chief operating officer of Gen.G, the role of coaches is bound to expand in the near future. During championships, where the stakes are getting ever higher, good specialists will be crucial to secure wins.

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