Chess has seen a boon over the last couple of months

In Barcelona, David Ferrer, of Rechapados Ferrer, is struggling to keep up with the demand of chessboards since the launch of the award-winning miniseries, “The Queen’s Gambit”.

The small family-run business usually makes around 20,000 chessboards each year but demand has already spiked to more than 40,000 since the beginning of 2021.

Through their chessboards are manufactured in Spain, most of them are exported and even used in professional tournaments. When the show came out, Ferrer was surprised to see one of his chessboards being used in the final episode when prodigy Beth Harmon goes to Moscow to take on Russian world champion, Vasily Borgov.

Following the onset of the global pandemic and the release of “The Queen’s Gambit”, interest for chess has soared around the world.

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